Personalized Instruction with Gregg Roberts

Create an Heirloom

Gregg Roberts Sailor's Valentine

 Sailor's Valentines are not only beautiful, but are truly heirlooms passed on to future generations for their  enjoyment. 

Starter Kit

The first step is the purchase of a starter kit including wooden frame, base, glass cover, roping and shells.

Unique Design

Sailor's Valentine Artist, Gregg Roberts

In consultation with Gregg, your own distinct design including theme, coloration and size are defined.   

Supervised Working Sessions

Working in two hour sessions in Gregg's workshop, you will create your own Sailor's Valentine with Gregg's guidance. 

Feel the Pride

You will feel a sense of accomplishment in  seeing your unique Sailor's Valentine and your family's and friends' reactions.

Visit the Workshop

For more information we invite you to visit Gregg' s workshop.  Just set up an appointment on our contact page.


Create a unique Sailor's Valentine for your organization


Gregg Roberts has collaborated with commercial interior designers to create distinctive Sailor's Valentines incoporationg an organization mission or message.   

The commissioned Sailor’s Valentine shown here is called “The Bristol Piece”. It hangs in Roger Williams University's Global Heritage Hall and is believed to be the world’s largest Sailor’s Valentines measuring 48 inches in diameter.

The piece's story is told in an item in RWU Magazine, Issue #11.


Own a Sailors Valentine in need of repair?

As the value of collectible Sailor's Valentines increases, proper care and attention are becoming a necessity for collectors and museum curators to protect their investment.

The antique Barbardian Sailor's Valentine on the left is in the collection of the New Bedford Whaling Museum is typical of such an item.

Gregg Roberts is available for restoration and repair.  To learn more, please submit your needs on our contact page.